Conflicts on the construction site are a common occurrence. Disputes and disagreements are going to arise when you have multiple parties such as general contractors, owners, architects, subcontractors working together to complete a project. These stakeholders have different opinions and interpretations on how things are supposed to be done. Those differing opinions often lead to […]

The accompanying table records the top 10 project starts in the U.S. for July 2017. There are several reasons for highlighting upcoming large projects. Such jobs have often received a fair amount of media coverage. Therefore, people in the industry are on the lookout for when jobsite work actually gets underway. And, as showcase projects, […]

ConstructConnect today announced a July volume of construction starts, excluding homebuilding activity, that amounted to $30.8 billion. July’s nonresidential total was -13.8% versus the comparable sum in June. The usual June-to-July change, due to seasonality, is +3.5%. July of this year versus July of last year was also weak, -17.6%. Standalone July of this year […]

PEI, BC, and Quebec Show Growth in Canadian Labour Market On the heels of outstanding month-to-month jobs growth nation-wide in June (+45,000) and May (+55,000), July’s increase was comparatively subdued, at only +11,000 according to the latest Labour Force Survey report published by Statistics Canada. An especially sweet note for Canada in July, however, was […]

Listed below are ConstructConnect’s Hot Commercial Construction Projects for the week of August 7 – August 11, 2017. Our Hot Projects showcases three currently bidding or sub-bidding projects from all 50 states and the District of Columbia pulled from our extensive database of construction leads. Alabama Metro Diner / Huntsville Location: Huntsville, AL Building Use: […]

Verbal agreements and oral representations made during negotiations for an agreement, when later reduced to writing, are unenforceable. Under the law, when the agreement of the parties is later reduced to writing and verbal agreements and/or representations are not contained in the original written agreement, such omitted terms are NOT ENFORCEABLE! The Parol Evidence Rule, […]

Building a top-notch safety culture doesn’t happen overnight. Getting buy-in from employees requires a top-down approach starting with the executive officers. “Safety First” can’t just be lip service delivered to workers from upper management, it must be put into practice by building a strong safety culture within your organization. Your commitment to safety should be […]