Most websites are ineffective. This is true in all industries. Unfortunately, I see it more often in the construction industry because many still mistakenly believe that it doesn’t matter. Sure, you can get by with an ineffective website, but the fact is that an effective one gives you a powerful advantage over competitors. It puts […]

Do you remember the last job you lost to a competitor? I remember mine vividly because, despite my best efforts, I simply could not convince my prospect to choose my company. No matter how much evidence I presented, they remained unswayed. While sometimes there’s nothing we can do, more often than not, there is, and […]

One of the things I love about the construction industry is that it’s filled with so many honest, hardworking people. One of the things I find frustrating about it though is that a lot of those same people often avoid technology that could make their jobs so much easier and more efficient. I see this […]