Founded: 1946

Headquarters: Birmingham, AL

Office Locations:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Dallas, TX
  • Huntsville, AL
  • Miami, FL
  • Nashville, TN
  • Orlando, FL
  • Spartanburg, SC


  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Commercial

Inside the Numbers:

In the past 10 years, Robins & Morton has completed over $5 billion in healthcare projects across the country. Overall they have built more than 1,500 healthcare projects spanning 35 states.

More Information:

“We find that getting our subs involved earlier helps ensure they’re better equipped for the job – which ultimately provides the owner with the best end product.”

– Blake Sayers, Robins & Morton


Robins & Morton is a privately held construction firm that is consistently ranked among the 100 largest contractors in the U.S. by Engineering News-Record. In order to provide their clients with the highest quality construction, Robins & Morton is continuously assessing and integrating new methods and technology such as lean construction, integrated project delivery (IPD) and virtual design and construction (VDC).


Robins & Morton has been using the iSqFt platform for the past 15 years to handle their bid management. Over the past four years, Robins & Morton has used the iSqFt platform on over 600 projects in 32 states—sending out over 120,000 communications to subcontractors and suppliers. As technology has progressed, the need increased to take steps to introduce BIM into their bidding process—something that they have been able to achieve through Assemble Systems.

BIM models within Assemble

“A lot of subcontractors realize where the industry is going. This integration allows us to share more information with them and they appreciate that.”

– Raul Gomez, Robins & Morton


Robins & Morton handles a lot of negotiated work which requires budget pricing from subcontractors. Prior to using Assemble, Robins & Morton often found it difficult to get subcontractors to commit to doing budget pricing due to the time commitment required to perform quantity take-offs.

Once they began using Assemble to provide subcontractors with screenshots of models for a specific scope along with quantities their responses from subcontractors increased. Before, they might only have gotten numbers from one or two subcontractors for a given scope. Now, with sharing the BIM models and their data, they can easily get three to five accurate quotes from subcontractors per scope.

Taking multiple screenshots of a model for each scope can be time-consuming and only provided limited views to the subcontractors. Since subcontractors only had access to screenshots of the 3D model, they didn’t get the full experience of 3D visualization made possible by the ability to interact and view the model from all angles.

“Assemble and iSqFt are an integral part of what I do each and every day.”

– Blake Sayers, Robins & Morton

“The integration of tools like Assemble and iSqFt is key to help bring model views to the masses.”

– Raul Gomez, Robins & Morton


Robins & Morton utilized the Assemble integration with iSqFt to perform final pricing on a high-end hotel project in South Carolina they had been awarded as the general contractor.

With the integration with iSqFt they can condition the models and isolate a specific scope, verify quantities, save the view in Assemble and then quickly share it on iSqFt with their subcontractors as a read-only file. Uploading the BIM model from Assemble into iSqFt is just as easy as uploading 2D drawings, specifications and other project documents. By being able to share the BIM models with subcontractors they can get a deeper understanding of the size and scope of a project and the constructability of a given project.

Another benefit of the integration is the facilitation of better communication. Both general contractor and subcontractor were able to view and access models at the same time wherever they are located and discuss aspects of the project over the phone.

Robins & Morton sees the Assemble & iSqFt integration as expanding on the processes they are already using to deliver quality projects to their clients. By being able to easily share 3D models and quantities early in the preconstruction phase they feel they can strengthen the relationships with their subcontractors.

Wireframe of BIM model

“I can isolate a certain scope in Assemble and then my subcontractors can access the model in a way they’re already comfortable using iSqFt.”

– Blake Sayers, Robins & Morton


Robins & Morton received positive feedback from the subcontractors they worked with to provide final pricing on the hotel project. One of the biggest benefits was the visualization tool which allowed them to view their specific scope and hide the rest of the model allowing them to see details more clearly than what was provided in the 2D drawings. The subcontractors were excited about having the ability to rotate to certain views, pan and zoom in on the model and extract quantities.

All the subcontractors involved agreed that there are benefits to having access to the 3D models, regardless of whether or not quantities were included. Having access to accurate models with verified quantities saves subcontractors time since they can easily check their quantities against those generated in the model. Subcontractors appreciate the fact that they are being involved early on a project because it demonstrates how much their input and expertise is valued and that leads to better engagement.

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