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Videos de Entrenamiento de ConstructConnect Takeoff

Si sea para proyectos que cree o de otra fuente, querrá aprovechar nuestros videos de entrenamiento para aprender todo sobre cómo trabajar con el despegue. ¡Desde configurar sus preferencias hasta configurar con precisión la escala, hasta crear y dibujar con artículos de despegue, nuestros videos de entrenamiento pueden ayudarlo a aprovechar al máximo ConstructConnect Takeoff!

Click Here for Training Videos in English

Para Empezar


Información general

3m 01s

Descubre lo esencial dentro de ConstructConnect Takeoff. Aprenda como encaja el CCTO en toda la plataforma ConstructConnect, así como donde realizar el despegue, ver los resultados y aplicar el costo unitario.


Iniciar un proyecto

2m 52s

Obtenga información sobre como enviar un proyecto al CCTO desde ConstructConnect Project Intelligence, cómo encontrar el proyecto en el CCTO y como preparar el proyecto para realizar el despegue.


Realizando despegue básico

3m 36s

Averigüe como revisar los resultados de sus cantidades y como aplicar los costos unitarios a esas cantidades.


Visualización de resultados

3m 07s

Explore los métodos para realizar el despegue utilizando artículos de despegue lineales, de área y de recuento.

Customize Your Settings & Preferences


Settings Preferences

2m 35s

Find out how to set user-specific preferences that relate to how you perform takeoff.


Settings Masters

2m 54s

Find out how to create a library of master data that can be shared among all users in your organization.



2m 23s

Find out how to set permissions that control what users in your organization can do in the program.


Filtering, Sorting, Grouping & Finding

3m 05s

Find out how the program's filtering, sorting, grouping, and finding functions can help you better organize your work and increase your effieicncy.


Takeoff Project Collaboration

2m 35s

Learn how to invite users from outside your organization to collaborate on your projects.


Active Users

1m 34s

Find out which users are working in a project at the same time.

Setting Up Your Project


Projects & Bids Lists

2m 29s

Learn how to organize and manage your master list of projects and bids.


Cover Sheet

3m 15s

Learn how to create a project and bid by completing the Cover Sheet.


Plan Organizer

4m 02s

Learn how to add images to your bid by uploading them to the cloud using the Plan Organizer.


Creating Takeoff Items

1m 31s

Learn the basics of creating the four types of Takeoff Items available for measuring your plans: linear, area, count, and attachment.


Creating Linear Takeoff Items

8m 09s

Learn how to create Linear Takeoff Items used to measure objects such as walls, continuous footings, and conduits.


Creating Area Takeoff Items

5m 26s

Learn how to create Area Takeoff Items used to measure objects such as slab on grade, flooring, and ceilings.


Creating Count Takeoff Items

5m 14s

Learn how to create Count Takeoff Items used to measure objects such as columns, doors, and fixtures.


Creating Attachment Takeoff Items

7m 10s

Learn how to create Attachment Takeoff Items used to measure objects, such as exterior windows, skylights, and doors.


Takeoff Item Templates & Template Groups

5m 47s

Learn how to save common Takeoff Items as templates (or groups of Items as template groups) so they can be reused on future bids.

Preparing Your Takeoff Space


Tour of Takeoff Tab

6m 47s

Discover how to easily navigate the various tools and menus on the screen where you perform takeoff and add annotations.



2m 32s

Discover how to set, verify, and calculate the scale on each plan page you'll be working on.


Bid Areas

3m 34s

Discover how to break down your takeoff results into categories, such as floors, buildings, elevations, or rooms.


Select, Zoom & Pan

3m 04s

Discover how to select and modify takeoff, zoom in and out, and pan around to different sections of your plan page.

Drawing Takeoff


Takeoff Item Pane

2m 06s

Explore how to modify existing takeoff items, show and hide takeoff objects, and add columns to the Takeoff Items pane.


Linear Takeoff

4m 02s

Explore how to draw linear takeoff for individual segments, continuous segments, rounded curves, and complex curves.


Area Takeoff

4m 10s

Explore how to draw area takeoff for objects based on their shape. Explore how to deduct quantities from area objects (backout).


Count Takeoff

0m 48s

Explore how to draw takeoff for objects you wish to count on your page.


Attachment Takeoff

3m 04s

Explore how to draw attachment takeoff. Attachments are count objects that can be deducted from a parent object, such as deducting a door from a wall.


Area Slope

1m 36s

Explore how to add a slope factor to area takeoff and then set the slope direction for the object.


Area Grid

4m 30s

Explore how to add a grid to area takeoff to calculate tile count for floors or ACT ceilings or saw cuts for control joints or rebar.


Autofill / Backout

2m 10s

Explore how to automatically fill a space where quantity has been deducted from an area object with another takeoff item.


Multi-Condition Takeoff

2m 03s

Explore how to draw takeoff for multiple takeoff items, such as a continuous footing and a concrete slab, simultaneously.



3m 00s

Explore how to show/hide groups of takeoff items or annotations using layers.

Annotations & Markups


Annotations & Capture View

5m 07s

Find out how to add annotations, such as text boxes for RFIs, so you can communicate key bid information to colleagues.


Bid Attachments

1m 12s

Find out how to attach relevant files, such as spec sheets, PDFs, or jobsite photos, to your bid.


Named Views & Hot Links

2m 31s

Find out how to create shortcuts to easily access schedules, section cuts, or detail views on various pages of your plan set.


Image Legend

2m 09s

Learn how to turn on and customize the Image Legend to display takeoff quantities directly on the image.

Change Happens


Creating Additional Bids Within a Project

2m 21s

Learn how to create multiple bids within a single project.


Managing Revised Drawings

5m 23s

Learn how to add and manage revisions and addendums to your original plans. (This applies to manually created projects only.)



5m 35s

Learn how to easily compare original and revision drawings to identify what's been changed.



3m 15s

Learn how to reassign completed takeoff from one takeoff item to another without deleting anything.

Analyzing & Pricing Results


Summary Tab

4m 17s

Find out how to view your bid's takeoff results and organize them to suit your needs.


Worksheet Tab

4m 35s

Find out how to add unit cost pricing to each of your takeoff results to get a total cost for your bid.


Live Link for MS Excel

5m 05s

Find out how to link your bid's takeoff results to a MS Excel spreadsheet.

Advanced Takeoff


Formula Manager

4m 47s

Learn how to create custom formulas to calculate specific takeoff results, such as stud count for walls.


Typical Areas

4m 38s

Learn how Typical Areas can make taking off repetitive objects, such as different units in an apartment building, easier and faster.


Typical Groups

5m 31s

Learn how Typical Groups can make taking off repetitive objects, such as offices in a high-rise building, easier and faster.




2m 51s

Discover how to print plans with completed takeoff and add customized elements, such as an image legend, to be used at the jobsite.