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By: Kendall Jones on May 30th, 2018

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ConstructConnect Acquires SmartBid From JBKnowledge

Construction Industry News

Last week, ConstructConnect announced the acquisition of SmartBid, a construction bid management platform, from JBKnowledge. The combination of ConstructConnect’s iSqFt bid management platform with SmartBid creates a win-win scenario for customers.

The combination of the iSqFt and SmartBid creates a larger network of construction professionals, both of general contractors looking for subcontractors and of subcontractors looking for more bidding opportunities.

Both the iSqFt and SmartBid platforms will continue to be maintained and developed. This means existing customers will continue to enjoy the same user experience they had prior to the acquisition and will not be required to switch platforms. New features, applications, and integrations will continue to be developed and pushed out to both the iSqFt and SmartBid platforms.

The combined networks of iSqFt and SmartBid will allow customers to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones. At the same time, customers will be able to deliver more profitable projects by leveraging project data and analytics to improve decision making.

Here’s what Dave Conway, President & CEO of ConstructConnect and James Benham, Co-founder & CEO of JBKnowledge had to say about these previously competing platforms together:

“We recognize general contractors need access to as many capable subcontractors as possible in the markets they serve to be positioned for success,” said Dave Conway, President and CEO, ConstructConnect. “The combination of these businesses will provide our customers access to many more subcontractors who have the capacity to complete their projects.”

“Bringing together iSqFt and SmartBid is great news for our GCs and Subs,” said James Benham, CEO of JBKnowledge. “Our General Contractors will have access to a significantly larger pool of active subcontractors as they reach into newer markets and our subcontractors will have more opportunities on which to bid.”

To learn more about ConstructConnect’s recent acquisition of SmartBid and the combination with iSqFt click here.