The table accompanying this article records ConstructConnect’s hospital construction starts in all states of the U.S. and in the provinces and regions of Canada. On the left-hand side of the dividing line in Table 1 are annual average starts levels for the six-year period 2010 to 2015 inclusive, plus the average annual percent changes for […]

The table accompanying this article shows the dollar volumes of roadbuilding starts for all states in the U.S. and all provinces in Canada. The left-hand side of the dividing bar in Table 1 focuses on annual average dollar volume levels for the six-year period 2010 to 2015, also including annual average percentage changes. The right-hand […]

The hottest news concerning the economies north and south of the border these days is being generated by equity prices. U.S. and Canadian stock market indices have been moving from strength to strength. As of January 2017’s month-end closing, the Dow-Jones Industrial index was +21% year over year (y/y) and +28% relative to its 52-week […]

At an increase of +48,000 jobs, Canada achieved a second straight month of exceptional employment growth in January. December’s gain had been an almost equally bullish +46,000 positions, according to Statistics Canada’s latest Labour Force Survey. The year-over-year pickup in jobs has been +276,000 or +23,000 on average per month. The comparable figure from a […]

Through the extensive aid of charts, this report will look at the historical patterns and make-up of housing starts –single-family versus multi-family and combined total − in 18 of America’s largest metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), based on population. MSA resident counts include those living both in city cores and in nearby suburbs where there are […]

The Census Bureau’s put in place construction statistics, as featured in Table 1, are similar to progress payments as projects proceed. Table 1 takes the investment or capital spending ‘put-in-place’ numbers and, for each type-of-structure, compares the percentage changes of latest-12-months-over-previous-12-months versus latest-three-months-over-previous-three-months (annualized). The background dollar-volume levels are seasonally adjusted. If the three-month percent […]

Table 1 accompanying this article summarizes state jobs levels and year-over-year employment percentage changes not only in construction, but also in three pockets of the economy that account for important shares of building activity – manufacturing, office-based work and the ‘leisure and hospitality’ sector (i.e., hotels/motels/bars/restaurants). The sum of the not seasonally adjusted (NSA) state […]