Donald Trump, as President-elect of the United States, has been assembling a governing team with a great deal of business and military experience. His clear intent is to carry through with significant change on a multitude of fronts, including taxes, regulations and social programs. The initial reaction among stock markets investors has been positive, fueling […]

The accompanying table records the top 10 featured construction projects in the U.S. for December 2016. There are several reasons for highlighting upcoming large projects. Such jobs have often received a fair amount of media coverage. Therefore, people in the industry are on the lookout for when jobsite work actually gets underway. And, as showcase […]

ConstructConnect announced today that December’s level of U.S. construction starts, excluding residential activity, was $24.0 billion, an increase of 3.4% versus the dollar volume in the period before. The gain, small though it may have been, was welcome nonetheless since November-to-December’s long-term average change, on account of inhibiting winter weather, has been -5.0%. December of […]

Several of the primary sources for construction material cost information north and south of the border are the Producer Price Index (PPI) numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Industrial Product Price Index (IPPI) and Raw Materials Price Index (RMPI) series from Statistics Canada. The latest (November 2016) results from both […]

Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey report for December 2016 records a countrywide gain in total employment of +54,000 jobs. December’s rise was the second highest monthly increase of the year, only falling short of September’s +67,000 jobs. Furthermore, the latest monthly climb featured an outsized pickup in full-time jobs, +81,000. The last time more full-time […]

In the final month of 2016, U.S. total jobs rose by +156,000, according to the latest Employment Situation report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). While the +156,000 figure was pretty good, although not outstanding, it should also be noted that November was revised upward from a previously reported +178,000 to +204,000. The extra […]

A previous article entitled Manufacturing Rates Highly According to One Important Metric focused on labor efficiency in the U.S. by examining changes in output per worker and in value-added per man-hour for many major industrial sub-sectors between 2000 and 2015. This current piece will present a similar study for Canada, but with a wrinkle. For […]

East Region: Many of America’s major cities with the lowest unemployment rates are located in the East Region. Boston, with a jobless figure of only 2.6%, is best in the nation. Indianapolis (3.6%) is ranked 6th. Nashville (3.8%) is ninth and Columbus, Louisville and Washington (all at 3.9%) are tied for tenth. The high-tech sector […]

General Overview: Analysts are expecting that 2016’s ‘real’ (i.e., adjusted for inflation) U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) growth will be close to +2.0% versus 2015. With all the tax cuts, foreign profit repatriation and efforts at deregulation being proposed by the incoming Trump administration, the hope is that the next year-to-year GDP comparison (i.e., 2017-to-2016) […]