The accompanying table records the top 10 project starts in the U.S. for February 2017. There are several reasons for highlighting upcoming large projects. Such jobs have often received a fair amount of media coverage. Therefore, people in the industry are on the lookout for when jobsite work actually gets underway. And, as showcase projects, […]

ConstructConnect announced today that February starts, excluding residential activity, nearly held their own versus an upwardly revised January. The latest month’s level of $26.2 billion was only -1.7% compared with the volume in the month before. Throughout the long-term history of the starts, there has been a typical drop – due to weather-related factors − […]

February’s Employment Situation Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides another healthy dose of good news concerning the U.S. economy. Net job creation in the latest month was +235,000. A monthly figure of between +150,000 and +199,000 is reason to smile. When the gain is +200,000 or more, big goofy grins can easily […]

This is the fourth article in a ‘Handy Reference Guide’ series that has previously highlighted ConstructConnect’s construction starts statistics for roads, hospitals and educational projects. This time it is office building work that is under the microscope with the accompanying table setting out results for all states in the U.S. and almost all the provinces […]

The previous report set out ConstructConnect’s construction starts for all U.S. states according to ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ education. The former refers to elementary and secondary schools while the latter has colleges and universities in its fold. It was pointed out that for Canada, the history of starts contains only ‘total educational’ work, without making the […]

Two previous articles shone spotlights on ConstructConnect’s U.S. and Canadian starts statistics, first for ‘roads’, then for ‘hospitals’. They both also stressed the words ‘handy reference guide’ in their headlines. In this current story, plus the next one, there will be a concentration on school construction starts. The following looks at the U.S. market, with […]

This report showcases two leading indicators of U.S. construction activity, one originating in the public sector, the other in the private sector. Beginning with the government measure, the U.S. Bureau of the Census publishes put-in-place (PIP) capital spending figures every month. The flow of PIP dollars is meant to mirror progress payments as projects proceed, […]