At the beginning of February, there was a great deal of volatility in the U.S. major stock market indices. They fell into ‘correction’ territory, which in ‘market-talk’ means they dropped by 10% from their peaks, before steadying and heading cautiously upwards again. Some of the initial downward movement was due to profit-taking, on the heels […]

ConstructConnect announced today that January’s volume of construction starts, excluding residential activity, was $29.3 billion. The fact that some of the monthly starts numbers can display wild swings is confirmed by the following. January 2018’s volume of starts relative to December 2017’s level was +35.8%; but January 2018 compared with January 2017 was -22.6%. The […]

Groundbreakings on several mega projects late last year lifted ConstructConnect’s 2017 total U.S. starts to +11.1% versus 2016, more than the +7.9% set out in the previous quarterly forecast. The out-front timing of those mega project starts also caused trimming of ConstructConnect’s expectations for 2018, which is now being projected at +3.0% year over year […]

From the turn of the century until the present, there have been nearly 20 years during which the age of both the general population and Canada’s workforce have been climbing. The impetus behind this shift in age structure has been the exceptional level of births that occurred after the Second World War – i.e., the […]

In January, net new U.S. jobs creation was +200,000, according to the latest Employment Situation report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The +200,000 jobs figure was greater than the monthly average increase throughout last year of +176,000. The unemployment rate in the latest month stayed the same as in December, at 4.1%. Only rarely […]

The Census Bureau has just released its December 2017 put-in-place construction statistics. ‘Put-in-place’ as a concept captures work-in-process or progress payments as projects proceed. One chief benefit of having December results is that the full year now comes into better focus. Annual 2017 versus annual 2016 U.S. total construction spending was +3.8%. The +3.8% pick-up […]

As can be seen in Graph 1, there has been a dramatic shift in the composition of Canada’s total housing starts since the door opened on the 21st century. From the early 1980s through the early 2000s, single-family structures consistently accounted for about 60% of annual Canadian residential groundbreakings. Multi-family structures comprised only 40% of […]