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By: Kendall Jones on October 12th, 2016

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OSHA's Top 10 Most Cited Standards for Construction

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We’ve compiled the top 10 most frequently cited standards for the construction industry for fiscal year 2016 (October 2015 through September 2016) and it is nearly identical to last year’s list.

Every year, OSHA releases its list of the “Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards” to inform employers of the standards most commonly cited for violations. The idea is that employers will use the list to help identify and fix any hazards to create safe work environments and prevent injuries to workers.

The problem is that it lumps all industries together in order to determine their rankings. Industries like construction and agriculture have their own separate OSHA standards they must adhere to as opposed to the general industry standards. The rankings don’t paint a clear picture of the standards cited for a specific industry.

The most cited violations for someone working in Health Care and Social Assistance (NAICS Code: 62) is going to vary greatly from someone working in Educational Services (NAICS Code: 61) or Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting (NAICS Code: 11). For those that are curious, the most cited standard for health care was bloodborne pathogens (Standard No. 1910.1030), for education it was asbestos (Standard No. 1910.1001) and for agriculture it was logging operations (Standard No. 1910.266).

Fortunately, OSHA has a website where you can search the Frequently Cited OSHA Standards by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes as well as establishment size and by federal or state jurisdiction.

Below is the list for the 2016 fiscal year. Included are the title and standard number along with the top 10 rank for the previous year and the number of citations issued.

Subpart Title: Fall Protection
Standard Number: 1926.501
Title: Duty to have fall protection.
FY2015 Top 10 Rank: 1
Number of Citations: 5,590

Subpart Title: Scaffolds
Standard Number: 1926.451
Title: General requirements.
FY2015 Top 10 Rank: 2
Number of Citations: 3,102

Subpart Title: Ladders
Standard Number: 1926.1053
Title: Ladders.
FY2015 Top 10 Rank: 3
Number of Citations: 2,091

Subpart Title: Fall Protection
Standard Number: 1926.503
Title: Training requirements.
FY2015 Top 10 Rank: 4
Number of Citations: 1,239

Subpart Title: Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
Standard Number: 1926.102
Title: Eye and face protection.
FY2015 Top 10 Rank: 5
Number of Citations: 1,180

Subpart Title: Toxic and Hazardous Substances
Standard Number: 1910.1200
Title: Hazard Communication.
FY2014 Top 10 Rank: 7
Number of Citations: 739

Subpart Title: General Safety and Health Provisions
Standard Number: 1926.20
Title: General safety and health provisions.
FY2015 Top 10 Rank: 8
Number of Citations: 737

Subpart Title: Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
Standard Number: 1926.100
Title: Head protection.
FY2015 Top 10 Rank: 6
Number of Citations: 736

Subpart Title: Scaffolds
Standard Number: 1926.453
Title: Aerial lifts.
FY2015 Top 10 Rank: 9
Number of Citations: 732

Subpart Title: Fall Protection
Standard Number: 1926.502
Title: Fall protection systems criteria and practices.
FY2015 Top 10 Rank: 10
Number of Citations: 590

(Note: The rankings and number of citations issued are current as of October 11, 2016.)

There wasn't much change in this year's rankings compared to the 2015 rankings. Head protection dropped a couple of spots, but the number of citations separating spots 6 - 8 are small.

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