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The Wesson Group saves time and preserves capital with Bid Management


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ConstructConnect Bid Management


Since 2013, The Wesson Group has provided the highest-quality contractor services for complex civil and infrastructure construction projects. With a focus on the Northeastern United States, The Wesson Group fuses the very best people with cutting-edge innovation to execute successful projects in design-build, site development, highway, heavy civil, and alternative energy. The Wesson Group has 150+ employees and project valuations in the range of $60 to $80 million


  • A streamlined team managing projects, bids, and estimates with very limited resources.
  • Bulky Excel spreadsheets manually handled jobs and clients, creating cumbersome bid management.
  • A single project would consume hours of productivity spent on uploading documents, managing contacts, and monitoring bid statuses.
  • Workload exceeded the practicality of what one employee could accomplish effectively. The lack of streamlined communication on these ever-changing jobs was a continuous drag on production time.


  • Use ConstructConnect Bid Management to simplify and streamline the bid management process.
  • Centralize bidders lists and deliver access to the most comprehensive private and public project data.
  • Centralized project management on a single platform enabling entering and overseeing new projects and bid packages. Thus allowing, to collaborate with key stakeholders and team members.
  • Simplified communication with simple messaging templates and filters providing professional and efficient methods of communication.


The Wesson Group, increased revenue from $36 to $80 million in two years, in part to implementing ConstructConnect Bid Management into their preconstruction process. Not only this but they saved capital by not hiring additional employees to perform estimates and improved coordination and communication across team members and subcontractors

ConstructConnect Bid Management helps me to sleep better at night [and] survive the workday. It has made life so much easier.

Jeff Lantiegne, P.E. VP of Sales and Technology

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