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By: Kendall Jones on April 19th, 2017

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12 Construction Apps to Improve Jobsite Productivity

Construction Technology

There’s no question that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have made our lives easier. Mobile construction apps allow you to get instant access to project information in the field and communicate real-time data back to the office or your client.

Whether you are looking for a single solution like daily reporting, plan viewing or time sheets or a complete project management solution, there are a ton of mobile construction apps available for your Apple or Android devices.

We’ve selected 12 construction apps that can help improve productivity and facilitate better communication with all members of the project team and other stakeholders.

Project Management Apps

Procore is a complete cloud-based construction project management software and app. Procore allows you to manage virtually every aspect of a construction project from budgeting and bidding to drawing management and RFIs all the way to creating final punch lists. Procore allows you to manage documents, submittals, timecards, contacts and daily logs. The Procore app allows you to take all your project data wherever you go with the ability to work offline and offers unlimited users and data storage.

Fieldwire is a mobile and web-based field management platform designed to facilitate better collaboration on construction projects. In addition to plan viewing and task scheduling, the app provides the ability to track, record and report on the progress of construction projects as well as handle any issues that arise. All of Fieldwire’s construction management features work offline and will sync up once you are back online.

eSUB Field Works is a project management platform geared towards subcontractors. The app allows real time updates of change orders, submittals, RFIs and access to the most up to date set of plans. The app allows you to take and annotate photos from the field and create daily reports that allow you to have man-hours pushed to timesheets. As with the other project management apps we covered, you can also work offline.

Construction Safety Apps

Safety Meeting App – Safety should always be the top priority on any jobsite and this app lets you conduct safety meetings anywhere with ease. This app allows for unlimited users and storage to record incidents and accidents, date stamp and save meetings, and record disciplinary actions. There are more than 950 safety topics covered meaning the app can be used by general contractors, subcontractors and specialty/trade contractors.

Safety-Reports by iNet Solutions Group, Inc. is a companion app for Safety-Reports.com customers. The inspection data collection system contains compliance-driven checklists to generate reports. You can select from 22 preloaded construction and general industry OSHA standards and safety categories with multiple inspection items both of which are customizable. Safety observations are automatically updated and reports are auto-generated.

iAuditor by SafetyCulture allows you to perform paperless audits and safety inspections. The app allows you to create your own templates or choose from thousands of user-shared templates to fit the safety demands of any type of construction site. The app also allows you to sign-off on and email created reports.

Plans and Specs

PlanGrid is a blueprint viewing app that gives you access to your plans, specs and photos wherever you go. You upload your PDF drawings and specs on your computer and then you can use the free mobile app wherever you go. The app also allows you to document the progress of a project, create punch lists and create and manage requests for information. The app also offers takeoff and estimating tools and everything you do gets automatically synced and backed up to the cloud that everyone accessing your plans has the most up-to-date information.

Project Reporting Apps

Fieldlens is a great daily reporting app with the ability to take photos and videos of punch list items. Plans and photos can be easily annotated and marked up. Daily reports are automatically generated at the end of the day and emailed out as a PDF. The app also allows you to document safety compliance to stay on top of OSHA regulations. In addition to daily reporting and project documentation, you can also track resources, add real-time weather data, control visibility to different team members and assign responsibility for tasks.

Raken is another daily reporting app that allows you to add photos, work logs, subcontractor information, equipment, materials and more to your daily reports. All entries are stamped with date, time, location and user. You can choose to type or dictate notes and you can add attachments in a variety of formats such as Word, Excel and PDF. Daily reports can be automatically emailed and you can update the client with weekly or monthly summary reports.

Construction Calculators

Construction Master Pro by Calculated Industries is a construction calculator loaded with tons of functionality. It allows you to work with all dimensional building formats and do conversions including metric. The app handles right angle solutions as well as area and volume calculations. The app also includes the trigonometric functions. The built-in help and user guide makes it easy to use and can easily handle all your jobsite calculations.

DeWalt Mobile Pro is another great construction calculator app. The app allows you to perform foot-inch math for lengths, areas and volumes. It has a lot of the same functionality as the Construction Master Pro with the ability to purchase additional features to do business math and to do calculations for things like concrete work, landscaping, site work and carpentry.

Time Sheets

ClockShark is a time clock software and mobile app designed specifically for construction companies. Employees can download the free app on their smartphone or tablet and use it to clock in and out for each shift. The app allows you to schedule employees by jobsite and can employees can clock in on specific jobs and tasks to aid in job costing. The GPSTrak™ feature shows you on a map where each punch occurred for all employees.

What must-have construction apps do you use on a daily basis and can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below.

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