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By: Sydney Paschall on May 5th, 2023

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The Benefits of Using a Commercial Construction Leads Service

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When it comes to generating leads and finding more projects in the commercial construction industry, particularly in the preconstruction phase, there are many different routes one can choose to navigate. From a strategic standpoint, the plan you create and decide to implement entirely depends on your business goals and priorities. It is safe to assume that most priorities lie in the “increase market share, profit, and overall success” category.

As far as the different methods to grab a higher share of the bustling construction marketplace, a mix of different lead generation approaches can be a more dependable way to mitigate risk and keep your project pipeline full in times of market uncertainty and change.

The Importance of Lead Generation in Commercial Construction

Generating new leads is vitally important when it comes to growing your clientele, your revenue, and finding the right projects. Tactics like networking at trade shows, word of mouth, joining an association such as the Associated General Contractors of America, marketing and advertising your services, optimizing your company website for web searches, and referrals from customers are all very viable and workable ways to achieve and generate project leads.

Benefits of Using Construction Lead Generation Services

However, when we are talking about bona fide ways to ensure a steady flow of new leads, using a professional construction lead generation service can save you time by helping you quickly identify new opportunities that meet your business’ capabilities and needs and put you in touch with owners and general contractors looking for the trades you perform.

Why spend hours and hours cold calling and sending emails that might go unread or marked as spam when you could invest in a commercial construction lead generation service to produce the leads you are looking for? Let’s explore the benefits of using a lead service to locate better opportunities for your business.  

Full Project Pipeline

Although this one may seem obvious, it is the most important. Not having enough construction leads to bid on can break a business. This is especially essential in times of market uncertainty or when the industry may be experiencing a lull. Lead generation services help connect those wanting and needing your trade or specialty to their specific projects.

Another huge benefit of using a construction lead generation service to keep your project pipeline full is that most lead generation software offers access to both public and private jobs, so you can search for those big-dollar private jobs you might not find on your own.

Not only will using a lead service keep your pipeline hearty, but you can also be more selective when searching for projects to ensure you are looking at just the ones that suit your business needs and have the potential to lead to future opportunities and repeat clients.

Expand Your Network

A huge advantage to using a lead generation service for finding construction projects is the ability and opportunity to grow your network. With a software solution such as ConstructConnect Project Intelligence, for example, you can discover bidding opportunities in different geographic regions and get the contact info to make new connections where you may be looking to grow your business.

Project lead services are a fantastic way to connect with architects, developers, contractors, subcontractors, and engineers you would never have originally been able to. Plus, with access to their contact information, you have everything you need to start building new relationships.

Project Data

Ranking almost as important as acquiring the projects themselves, the project data is where the real gold lies. With construction lead generation services, all the time and effort of identifying new opportunities and confirming the project details is done for you.

Why not save yourself the time of tracking down a certain architect, builder, or contractor when a lead software has it all right there for you? Find details such as bid dates, building use, sector, value, important documents like plans, specs, and addenda, and the contact information of stakeholders like the architect, builder, and construction manager—all at your fingertips and curated just for your specific searches.

Quality, Not Quantity

Speaking of customizable searches, when it comes to finding more projects and securing more leads, a huge aspect of this journey is finding leads that are the right fit for your business. The advanced search capabilities of lead generation services allow you to focus on projects that are the right size and scope for the work you do, which means you can focus more time on bidding and winning jobs.

Documentation and Communication

Another awesome perk of using a construction lead service is the fact that you receive a centralized management system for your entire team—your projects, your documents, and of course, your communications. Track and follow projects throughout the bidding lifecycle, connect with all bidders, contractors, and parties involved throughout the phases, and receive alerts when new details are added to a project, such as bid date changes or new documents. No more digging through emails, scouring old texts, or looking for that one document you just cannot seem to find.

Helpful Integrations

The last benefit we will explore is the fact that many construction lead generation services offer integration options so as not to interrupt your current processes (only improve them). Any lead generation service worth investing in will provide integrations with your current go-to-market tools and CRM systems. If you choose the right program, it will have capabilities to sync with your takeoff, project management, and other software tools.

How to Choose a Construction Lead Generation Service

When it comes to selecting the proper lead generation solution for your business, a few key factors include reputation, user experience, customer service, respectable sales associates, and longevity. Research the company’s history, read customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies, compare features with competitors, but most importantly, contact a sales representative, take a demo, and try out the interface and features for yourself. Ask questions, discover the full capabilities, and be certain that the company provides adequate training and ongoing support in times when you might require assistance.

Your next project is just a few clicks away.  Start searching our database of commercial construction leads of public and private projects. Find the right opportunities by filtering your search by location, building use, trade or scope of work, and bidding stage.