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Construction Bidding | Operating Insights

By: Sydney Paschall
November 9th, 2022

What is a Construction Contract   While talking about construction contracts and their importance may seem like a repetitive topic, it is one of the most important aspects when considering the construction industry and the success of key players. A construction contract is the method by which terms, conditions, and the fine print of a project and agreement are legally bound together. The contract is a solidified deal made between the parties (usually two—the owner and the contractor) involved in the specified project.  

Blog Feature

Construction Bidding | Takeoff & Estimating | Construction Fun

By: Conley Smith
April 7th, 2021

If you’re any kind of a construction estimator, you’ve probably been involved in some crazy, complicated, weird—and wonderful—projects during your years in the construction business.


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Construction Bidding | Construction Industry News

By: Kendall Jones
September 29th, 2016

The use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on public projects, which date back to 1933 with the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam, continues to be a hot-button issue in the construction industry. PLAs are collective bargaining agreements used to establish conditions and terms of employment for a specific construction project through one or more labor organizations or unions and project owners. PLAs are negotiated prior to any bidding or hiring labor on a project.