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By: Monica Soladay on February 28, 2024

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Team Member Spotlight: Crystal Barger & Empowering Women in Construction

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Here at ConstructConnect, we are proud to spotlight our team members as they work to ensure that every construction project starts on a solid foundation. In celebration of Women in Construction Week, observed in the U.S. from March 3-9, we are highlighting ConstructConnect Vice President of Customer Success, Crystal Barger.

Crystal Barger
Vice President of Customer Success

Crystal will serve as a panelist in Deltek’s upcoming Empowering Women in Construction Webinar on Wednesday, March 6, which features leaders from across the construction industry. We spoke with Crystal about her work to support our customers in construction, her career at ConstructConnect, and her advice for women in the industry.  

What do you enjoy most about your work in Customer Success for ConstructConnect?

Crystal: Making sure that our customers get the value that they deserve! At ConstructConnect, one of our core company values is to Deliver Customer Value. I have held a variety of roles in sales, sales operations, and customer success during my career and my roles have always reflected that focus. I understand that preconstruction can be a very stressful industry – if a company overbids or underbids, that has real consequences for their teams. I have customers whom I have worked with for more than 19 years and know they are in such a high-stress position inspires me to do everything I can to make their jobs easier and support their success.

What has motivated you to build a career at ConstructConnect?  

Crystal: I’ve always loved the company culture, as well as the people I work with – colleagues and customers alike. Plus, I find great enjoyment in seeing our customers’ companies grow. I love helping the estimating community. 

What challenges have you experienced as a woman in the construction industry? 

Crystal: Opportunities for women have evolved over the years. I can remember attending trade shows almost 20 years ago, where I would be the only female vendor in attendance. At the time, my concerns were focused on helping my male industry contacts understand that the buck stopped with me, and that I truly knew my role and was in this with them. Alternately, they would assume that I was in a role like accounting, and not working directly with estimators. Today, the challenges are more subtle, and more women are entering the construction industry than ever before. But we still have a long way to go.  

What advice do you have for women just starting in the construction industry?

Crystal: It’s important to have a network that supports you in taking on all roles in the construction industry – including project management, estimating, and business development. Central to that is finding a strong mentor with whom you can have open conversations and who supports your exposure to all aspects of your industry. Additionally, as your career progresses and you move on to leadership roles, take the time to pay it forward and in turn serve as a mentor for another young woman joining the construction industry.

What do you see as the current state of the construction industry for women? 

Crystal: As current estimators and project managers age out of the workforce, there are increased opportunities for the next generation in this area of work. Women are in a great position to start with experienced mentors and begin truly meaningful careers, eventually rising to leadership roles. And I think young women are increasingly aware of those opportunities. I’m seeing this firsthand through ConstructConnect’s Academic Program for Universities – a program that provides our takeoff solutions to universities around the U.S for Construction Management programs. We see an increasing female presence in these programs, and it is so exciting.  

Register here to hear Crystal Barger and other panelists in Deltek’s Empowering Women in Construction Webinar on Wednesday, March 6. Or, to learn more about careers at ConstructConnect, visit ConstructConnect.Com/Careers