Through the extensive aid of charts, this report will look at the historical patterns and make-up of housing starts –single-family versus multi-family and combined total − in 18 of America’s largest metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), based on population. MSA resident counts include those living both in city cores and in nearby suburbs where there are […]

The construction industry is responsible for more fatal occupational injuries than any other industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2014 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, there 899 fatal injuries occurred in construction work. That’s one out of every five worker deaths. A major emphasis, justifiably, is placed on reducing the number of fatal […]

Whether you have a construction fleet of five or 500, the key to keeping your company’s vehicles and heavy equipment operational is implementing an effective preventive maintenance program. The average cost for a piece of heavy equipment is over $20,000. Depending on how much heavy equipment your company owns, a large percentage of your company’s […]

The Census Bureau’s put in place construction statistics, as featured in Table 1, are similar to progress payments as projects proceed. Table 1 takes the investment or capital spending ‘put-in-place’ numbers and, for each type-of-structure, compares the percentage changes of latest-12-months-over-previous-12-months versus latest-three-months-over-previous-three-months (annualized). The background dollar-volume levels are seasonally adjusted. If the three-month percent […]

Listed below are ConstructConnect’s Hot Commercial Construction Projects for the week of January 30 – February 3, 2017. Our Hot Projects showcases three currently bidding or sub-bidding projects from all 50 states and the District of Columbia pulled from our extensive database of construction leads. Want access to bidding projects in your service area? Get […]

The accompanying table records the 10 largest construction project starts in Canada in December 2016. Also included is the latest trend graph on starts. This looks at 12-month moving totals of the civil and non-residential building categories in Canada. There are several reasons for highlighting upcoming large projects. Such jobs have often received a fair […]

Table 1 accompanying this article summarizes state jobs levels and year-over-year employment percentage changes not only in construction, but also in three pockets of the economy that account for important shares of building activity – manufacturing, office-based work and the ‘leisure and hospitality’ sector (i.e., hotels/motels/bars/restaurants). The sum of the not seasonally adjusted (NSA) state […]