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Kaiya Barrett

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ConstructConnect News

By: Kaiya Barrett
June 15th, 2022

The process and care that goes into building a community are never-ending. While access to plans and resources is key, the people and intent behind it matter more. When you think about the celebration of Juneteenth and how it applies to you, think about the growth of your community and the ideas that drive progress. We’re better together and everyone can get behind efforts to bring people into a universal celebration of freedom and liberty.

Blog Feature

Takeoff & Estimating

By: Kaiya Barrett
May 20th, 2022

The goal is clear, win the bid. The road toward this goal is full of twists and turns and may include a detour or two and it begins with an estimate. As a construction cost estimator, the ability to pivot and adjust to unexpected changes is a necessary skill.


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Operating Insights

By: Kaiya Barrett
April 21st, 2022

I hate to state the obvious, but if you are planning a new commercial construction project, your work has already begun. Break out your to-do checklist and prepare for what may not be as obvious or simple to calculate. These would be the costs, both planned and unpredictable, involved with bringing a commercial project to life. The steady uptick in costs from year to year has made access to materials, land, and labor a tough commodity. Detailed budget planning and strategy are necessary during preconstruction to bring the bottom line to light before your project hits rock bottom.