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By: Johnny Bradigan on April 6, 2023

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ConstructConnect Ranks Close to the Top of Comparably’s Best Product & Design Teams 2023 List

ConstructConnect’s Product Team is among the best in the world, according to a new report.

Comparably recently released their rankings of the Best Product & Design Teams of 2023 for large companies. Among the 50 companies that made the final cut, ConstructConnect is proudly close to the top, at number 15.

Product teams design, develop, and launch the tools and services used by a company’s customer base. ConstructConnect’s Product Team is responsible for building and enhancing high-value tools for each step of the preconstruction journey: From finding bidding opportunities and organizing leads on projects to taking the paperwork and time out of the takeoff and estimation process. Building material manufacturers are also served, with data-driven insights and forecasts to help get their products sold.

The Product Team is not just releasing these industry-leading products, it is constantly improving them. With groups dedicated exclusively to understanding the user experience and research, the Product team members at ConstructConnect review user feedback, and even interview and survey customers to learn about the latest challenges and needs within commercial construction. Those findings then turn to action, with everything extensively tested before going live. It’s this dedication to the customer that makes the ConstructConnect Product Team a leader in their field.

Outside of their innovation, the people-first culture and collaborative environment of ConstructConnect’s Product Team also command global attention. In fact, that’s the motivation behind the recent Comparably award. Comparably says it bases its rankings on the feedback of current team members, with “nearly 20 different workplace culture categories [measured], from compensation, leadership, and co-workers to work-life balance, professional development opportunities, and perks and benefits.”

This is not the first honor ConstructConnect has received from Comparably, as it was also named one of the Best Companies for Women in 2022. The honor follows a company commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, including the creation of an employee resource group (ERG) named the Women’s Group. This ERG provides team members an open forum to champion forward progression for women and workplace equity.

ConstructConnect is always looking for high-performing talent to continue its award-winning efforts, both within the Product space and its other teams. Check out the Careers page to see the current openings.