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Fabco improves data-driven decision making with Insight


Industrial and commercial plastic pipes and fitting

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North America


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Fabco Plastics is a supplier of industrial plastic pipes, fittings, and valves used within the most demanding fluid processes and mechanical applications. As the largest wholesaler in Canada of industrial and commercial plastics, they serve a vast project market from water treatment and wastewater management to food processing and healthcare.


  • The need to grow market share from actionable project leads and data-driven insights.
  • Searching for ways to generate leads that were specific, scalable, repeatable, and drive improved material sales.
  • Wasted time and resources trying to find projects that specified their products and their competitors’ products.
  • Unorganized attempts to get valuable market information to sales teams by putting together “scraps of project information" from municipal websites, key mechanical company client reviews, and bid board details.


  • Using Insight Intelligent Leads speed to acquire and deliver precise market intelligence and project data to the team to drive sales.
  • Insight helped the sales team get in front of more decision-makers at the point of design and specification.
  • Using personalized reports set up in Insight, FABCO identified key prospects, decision-makers, locations, and projects.
  • Using Insight to make it easier for architects and engineers to specify their products—and easier for FABCO Plastics to get more products into projects.


FABCO Plastics used Insight Intelligent Leads to deliver specific, actionable market intelligence to uncover the precise leads, contacts, geographic and specification opportunities the sales team needed to get more products specified and sold. The company optimized its experience with Insight capabilities to make more informed data-driven decisions and drive sales. The improved decision-making, efficiencies of scale, and targeted marketing provide Fabco with a market advantage. “The information that Insight produces has resulted in a 10% increase in sales and improved relationships with our customers.” Insight Leads provides the FABCO sales team with opportunities to tailor product offerings to specifiers’ needs with the precision and efficiency to improve national sales performance.

We are benefiting with a 100% project tracking gain due to the improvement in precision details… this program is a game changer, and I am proud to gather the details for our branches who are reaping the benefits of increased sales.

Mark Axford, National Project Manager

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