Insight Sync

Leverage your CRM investment

Give your sales team improved visibility into their pipeline. Insight Sync easily and seamlessly integrates into your CRM. Automate your business development process and don’t miss an opportunity with Insight Sync.

Streamline Opportunities

Boost efficiency by automatically importing projects into your CRM as leads, opportunities and accounts

  • Skip the manual process and set your feed to automatically create opportunities
  • Filter and search opportunities by company, contact name and project
  • Access all project details from your CRM opportunity page
  • Link to fully searchable project documents, plans and specs inside Insight seamlessly with Single Sign On


Customized Data

Manage opportunities by customizing the information imported into your CRM

  • Manage data settings to only view the information you need
  • Ensure immediate team adoption with no need to learn a new platform
  • Audit data automatically to remove duplicate accounts and details (CRM process dependent)
  • Minimal development time and resources required, saving you an average of $35,000 in customization costs*


* Typical customization on an integration can cost a company an average of ten additional weeks including six weeks of developer work, estimated to be $20-50K with many companies spending six digits or more.

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