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BidCoach: Why Construction Companies Should Train Employees on Construction Software Blog Feature

By: Mark Fly on January 21st, 2021

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BidCoach: Why Construction Companies Should Train Employees on Construction Software

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Can you think of a construction project that you have worked on that didn’t require any power tools? What about software tools? Yeah, neither can we. Both types of tools are needed to successfully complete a project. However, many times contractors overlook opportunities to optimize these tools. If you and your employees are not thoroughly trained on how to safely and efficiently use the power tools and software tools provided to you, this could lead to costly errors, injuries, delayed projects, and more.


Understanding how to optimally use your construction software is just as important as learning how to efficiently handle power tools on the job site. For example, implementing the wrong blades, bits, or accessories on power tools can lead to costly tool damage or injuries.

Similarly using the incorrect scale on a takeoff software can lead to low quality proposals or losing the project. In both situations, your company loses money. So making sure your employees are continuously trained on the proper use of all tools is important to complete a project on time and on budget.


How do you ensure that your construction company is thoroughly trained on the proper use of construction software tools? Here are some quick and easy tips that might help...

  • Start with the why – Show context for implementing the construction software and why it’s important to utilize for the project to be successful (this will help with any resistance to use or change).
  • Show them what they need to do & how often – Make sure a construction software support rep walks the employees through demos, trainings, onboarding, etc. based on their roles/functions when using the software.
  • Provide reference material – Ensure employees have access to construction software support recordings, webinars and printed materials to aid in challenges they may experience after the initial training.
  • Provide a means to practice what they learned – This could be done by providing them a mock-up scenario or bidding project that they’ll have to use the software to complete and submit for feedback/approval.
  • Never neglect ongoing support – This can take the form of construction software super users that are able to help train others, attending in-person trainings or webinars, subscribing to the help desk or newsletter to learn about tips, best practices, and updates.

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About Mark Fly

Mark Fly is a Product Evangelist at ConstructConnect. He is also known as the Bid Coach to subscribers of his popular video series. Mark has 40 years of experience in construction, rising through the ranks from a labor position in high school to play a key role in the development of SmartBid software. He has also provided multi-faceted outsourced estimating services for many years, working directly with owners, GCs, subcontractors, suppliers, and more.