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By: Jacob Davis on January 28th, 2022

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ConstructConnect's Best Articles of 2021

ConstructConnect News

As we reflect on another year of challenge and change, we're looking back at some of our most popular posts from 2021. But, of course, these articles wouldn't have been possible without your support. We're grateful to our subscribers and the support you've shown us over the past year. We look forward to connecting with you in 2022!

Just in case you missed them, here are the most popular articles we published in 2021:

U.S. Construction Material Cost Shock Escalates
By Alex Carrick February 19th, 2021

The depth of the nonresidential construction marketplace in the U.S. has become shallower. There are fewer projects out for bidding due to cutbacks in capital spending plans forced by the coronavirus contagion. Material input costs have been escalating. Bolstered by renovation projects undertaken by stay-at-home workers and by strength in one of the few corners of the construction marketplace that has remained bullish.

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Top 7 Construction Technology Trends for 2021
By Kendall Jones January 15th, 2021

Last year was a banner year for construction technology adoption. According to JLL's State of Construction Tech report, the coronavirus pandemic had a big impact on accelerating tech adoption in the construction industry in 2020. Per the findings, the rate of construction tech adoption reached in one year what normally would have occurred in a three-year span. Here are our top seven construction technology trends to watch in 2021.

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Conway Closes Out Two Decades of Leaderships
By Melissa Bookout April 8th, 2021

Twenty years of legacy under the leadership of president and CEO Dave Conway has penned notable achievements for ConstructConnect. It's only fitting then that as Conway welcomes retirement to focus more time on family and continued community outreach, our commitment to the customer experience remains stronger than ever.

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What Biden's Infrastructure Plan Means for the Construction Industry
By Kendall Jones April 8th, 2021

Last week, President Biden unveiled the American Jobs Plan, an ambitious $2 trillion infrastructure plan. In addition to investing in rebuilding the nation's crumbling roads and bridges, there would be a strong focus on resiliency and sustainability. So, how much money are we talking about for future construction projects, and what's the timeline for putting the plan into action? Let's start by looking at how much would be spent in some key areas.

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Soaring Lumber & Steel Prices Confirmed by Latest PPI Results
By Alex Carrick February 19th, 2021

Soaring lumber and steel prices are all the talk in construction circles these days. Short of going directly to suppliers or specialty newsletters for information, the best source of data on construction material cost movements is to be found in the Producer Price Index figures published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The U.S. Producer Price Index (PPI) numbers in January 2021 confirm that lumber- and steel-related markets, as well as some others, are, indeed, hot'. On a year-over-year basis, the biggest price movement has been recorded by softwood lumber +73.0%.

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Start Prepping Now for the Next Normal in Construction
By Ed Williamson September 10th, 2021

Construction is the largest global industry, accounting for 13% of global GDP. It encompasses infrastructure, industrial structures, and real estate, and today many companies are adjusting their business models to embrace the next normal in construction. The question many seem to be asking is what is the future of the construction industry after COVID-19. A significant shift has already happened but, what is in store for the future?

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7 COVID-19 Related Challenges That Contractors Need to Tackle in 2021
By Ed Williamson January 22nd, 2021

Despite being the leader in technology, research, and health sciences, the U.S., on January 14, 2021, was the country with the highest number of COVID-19 cases, surging as high as 23.1 million and more than 384K deaths. Let us quickly get to understand these challenges that construction contractors will need to tackle in 2021 and learn how they are going to make it more difficult for contractors to find their way to cash flow and sustainability.


5 Ways to Improve Productivity in Construction
By Ed Williamson June 25th, 2021

Construction is one of the largest industries in the world's economy that generates trillions of dollars every year. However, the industry faces many challenges like tough competition, low-profit margins, cost overruns, and tight project delivery deadlines. An increase in productivity is possible in the construction industry if businesses make small optimizations in their processes wherever possible. Let's take a look at how.


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