The overhead costs involved in a construction business are very different from those involved in a business from any other industry. The involvement of independent contractors, labor costs, equipment rentals and frequent location changes make the overhead costs in this business very different from any business in any other industry. These costs form a substantial […]

Keeping your construction projects on schedule to meet your completion deadline is no easy task. Adverse weather, costly rework, unavailable resources and subcontractor default are just a few of the things that can throw your timeline off course. Damages and penalties for not hitting your deadline can ruin your profit and hurt your construction company’s […]

As construction projects become more complex, effective collaboration is increasingly becoming a key factor in completing projects on time and within budget while delivering a quality product to the client. Good collaboration leads to many benefits like innovation, time and cost saving, added value for the client, reduced errors and unnecessary rework. Good project collaboration […]

Labor shortages are one of the major issues the construction industry is struggling to overcome. For many construction firms, keeping their workforce fully staffed is their biggest challenge. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in January 2018, there were 250,000 job openings in the construction industry, up from just 149,000 in December 2017. A […]

It’s an interesting time for the construction industry. Growth has been strong the past several years, with U.S. construction spending now at an all-time high. Despite having weathered the storm of the Great Recession, the construction industry is still facing challenges, both old and new, moving forward. Rising material and labor costs, labor woes, increased […]

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, America’s most significant tax reform legislation since 1986, has been passed by Congress and will take effect for 2018. The changes in this legislation are landmark; major changes have been made with the goal of making America more competitive internationally, stimulating economic growth, creating more jobs, and raising wages. […]