The accompanying table records the 10 largest construction project starts in Canada in February 2019. Also included is the latest trend graph on starts. This looks at 12-month moving totals of the civil and non-residential building categories in Canada. There are several reasons for highlighting upcoming large projects. Such jobs have often received a fair […]

The accompanying tables show 20 of the largest upcoming Hotel/Motel and Retail/Shopping Centre construction projects. They are all in the planning stage and are mainly new projects, but may also involve additions and/or alterations. Shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, medical buildings, educational buildings, libraries and museums, sports and entertainment complexes, industrial projects and government buildings […]

Cities and counties have common problems throughout the U.S. And, these common issues are opening up a new marketplace that is catching the attention of investors and contractors. There’s definitely a trend developing here. Public officials at the state and local levels of government are seeking alternative sources of funding to deal with thousands of […]

On behalf of individuals, the task of monitoring changes in the cost of purchasing everyday products and bigger ticket items is assigned to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). For business managers, however, the cost measurements that have the most relevance are the Producer Price Index (PPI) figures. Both the CPI and PPI are calculated and […]

Listed below are ConstructConnect’s Hot Commercial Construction Projects for the week of March 11 – 15, 2019. Our Hot Projects showcases three currently bidding or sub-bidding projects from all 50 states and the District of Columbia pulled from our extensive database of construction leads. Alabama O’Reilly Auto Parts / New Hope Location: New Hope, AL […]

The construction industry is in growth mode across the globe. Construction output is projected to grow 85% by 2030, highlighting the ever-increasing opportunities for professionals in the field. At the same time, there is a lack of skilled laborers, and those same construction companies state they have a hard time filling positions. Fortunately, there are […]

A decade ago, there was much alarmist talk about the U.S. twin-deficit problem, relating to Washington’s spending and foreign trade. Then for a while, both issues abated somewhat. The annual government deficit dropped below $1 trillion, touching down at -$600 billion, and the yearly trade shortfall pulled back from -$800 billion to less than -$600 […]

ConstructConnect announced today that February’s volume of construction starts, excluding residential work, was $23.7 billion, a drop of 18.2% compared with January and a decline of 11.7% versus February 2018. Year-to-date nonresidential starts through the first two month of 2019 have been -14.8% relative to January-February 2018. Among type-of-structure categories, the most evident weakness in […]